Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Such fun

A 2 week family holiday has got in the way of driving my car but I've managed a few more runs and several commutes to work,  bringing the mileage up to 680 and so time for a first oil change.

Got oil pretty much everywhere, slightly damaged the drain plug (new one ordered) and discovered that my dipstick has snapped off at the max mark,  making it tricky to see how much oil is in my engine.

I've not heard back from Softbits yet about my roof and it's been 4 weeks - I'll chase them tomorrow. I've lowered the drivers seat in  preparation:

I might do the passenger seat but I'm not going to have a regular passenger and none of my family are tall enough to be a problem.

Other issues:

1. Wipers still not working.
2. Windscreen glass has moved a bit and come out of the frame by a few mm on one edge.  I need to get some more gunk and seal it back in.
3. Slight design flaw with my light switches; high beam rocker switch right next to the dipped beam so when driving at night on dark roads, I keep missing the high beam switch and turning off ALL my lights! So I spend a frantic few seconds in pitch black,  trying desperately to find my light switch again! Cars coming the other way must think I've gone into stealth mode :-)

Also added a bit more bling to the bonnet:

I've got runs planned for the next 4 Sundays in a row (weather permitting) - cashing in all my brownie points with the wife! New video camera on order so I'll try get some videos up...

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