Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Road trip!

Despite a bout of food poisoning that made me feel a bit yuck, the plates arrived this morning and nothing was going to stop that first legal road  trip.

I stuck the plates on - I was planning on bolting the front plate on but I just didn't feel up to the effort of getting holes drilled correctly. I just about managed to adjust the suspension a little as the car seemed to have settled on the N/S.

With that done,  it was time to hit the road:

Apologies but I couldn't work out a way to attach my camera to the car,  so no video - I'll try another time.

A short,  80 mile trip around some beautiful English roads in a 2 seater convertible with the sun shining - it doesn't get any better.

Zedster (for that is his newly-annointed name) performed flawlessly - temperature stayed below 100 degC the whole time, nothing fell off or leaked and despite trying to remember that it's a new engine and needs running in,  there were some enjoyable bursts of acceleration,  hinting at the fun to come.

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