Thursday, 10 August 2017

Zedster has been skiing

I had a great drive out tonight - I met up with a few of the guys from the SKCC forum and Matt kindly brought his laser tracking kit,  to try help with the tyre squeal.

A few minutes work showed that I had a HUGE amount of toe-in,  despite it looking perfectly straight to the naked eye. Effectively,  Zedster has been snow-ploughing along,  hence the tyre squeal.

A few more minutes with a spanner and I had a slight amount of toe-out instead.  Ideally,  I want a bit of toe-in but I didn't want to delay the others with more adjusting - it's 300% better than it was.

And,  man is it good; no more tyre squeal,  much less kick-back when going through potholes and I've got self-centering of the steering! After all those other things I tried to get that!

As is always the danger of driving in groups,  I didn't want to slow the others,  so my good intentions of running the engine in went out the window a bit. But Zedster sounds awesome at higher revs and quick,  very quick!

Getting better every drive...

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