Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The adventures keep 'a comin...

A work go-karting  evening gave me an excuse for another drive but the weather report wasn't promising - rain at about the time we were due to finish. I decided to risk it - bad move....

The go-karting started late and the rain started early. Luckily,  I had put my emergency roof (a piece of tarp and some bungees) on before the event but the rain was hammering down and the tarp is only small,  so it didn't stop rain coming in the sides.

The journey back was.... er....  interesting. When I said in a previous post that the rain just gets blown over the car,  that's true if the rain is light but in heavy stuff,  nope - you get wet. Actually,  the rain wasn't as bad as the huge puddles on the road - I need doors.

So I got soaked but there were some positives;

1. My wipers rock,  although they couldn't do anything about the rain on the inside of the screen.

2. My headlights are pretty darn good,  especially on high beam.

3. Zedster got properly soaked including a couple of tidal waves over the bonnet and didn't miss a beat,  although maybe I should hold off on saying that until I try go out on my next trip.

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