Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A funny thing happened...

... on the way to work (not the Forum).

I keep forgetting to mention that the Park function on my wipers never worked. I spent ages trying to work out the wiring needed on my switch but when I got the wiper motor in and wired up,  it just didn't work. Up to now,  I've been busy with other stuff,  so I've forgotten about it.

Today,  on the way to work,  I went through a pothole and,  suddenly,  the wipers moved into the middle of the screen. Switching them on and they still worked but the Park now also works! The thump from the pothole must have knocked a contact on the wiper switch,  or something.

Only problem is that the motor parks in front of the driver and I bought left-hand parking wipers (because I thought it wouldn't matter as the Park didn't work anyway). There is a procedure for swapping a cam inside the motor to make it park on the other side but that means taking it all apart -  too much effort.

New wiper arms on order...

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