Friday, 22 September 2017

I can see clearly now

.... because I have working wipers!

My problem was of my own making; when I first fitted the wipers, I was supposed to make a bend in the tube that goes from the motor to the first gearbox. However,  in my usual ham-fisted way,  I kept bending too much and creating a kink which prevented the wire moving through the tube.

Where I went VERY wrong was thinking that the tube was just to protect the wire and so wasn't critical,  so I kept cutting out the kinked bits of tube and eventually I was left with this:

So when the motor switched on,  instead of pushing the wire straight through  the gearboxes,  it just bent in half. The tube is there to keep the wire in shape so the pushing force of the motor gets through to the gearboxes.

So GBS kindly sold me a small piece of the tube and Simon once again came to my rescue by explaining the technique for bending it; basically lots of tiny bends every few mm,  using a loose vice (don't tighten it otherwise it will crush the tube).

All this took over 2 hours because I had to also take the dash off to get to the gearboxes etc. but it worked perfectly and incredibly satisfying to see the cute little wipers flipping away.

Next problem is the windscreen washer which doesn't work but I think is just a wiring issue.

Should also hopefully have my roof in a week or 2...

Also,  my wind deflectors do help although they aren't a miracle cure and,  for reference,  my Gaz shock settings are:

Rear -  5 clicks up from softest.
Front -  6 clicks from softest.

The adjustment has 20 clicks but how anyone has it anywhere near that high,  I don't know.  I tried it on 10 clicks and the ride was rock hard.

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