Sunday, 17 September 2017

Treasure hunt

First off,  I think I've fixed the leak - it was coming from my oil filter. Presumably, after the oil change,  I didn't have enough access to get the leverage to hand-tighten the filter,  so I used the filter removal tool to tighten it slightly and the leak seems to have stopped but I'll keep an eye on it.

Reading my oil level is a bit of an effort; get the dipstick  out of my other car (because Zedster's has snapped off at the end),  remove the dipstick tube,  apply masking tape to mark where I need to measure from and then wiggle the dipstick  to get it past the windage tray.

Had a great day today doing Harpers Hunt which is basically a rally where you're given a list of directions and clues to things to look out for on the route. Also,  the main theme was phone boxes so we had a list of 23 to locate. Only 12 cars involved (they do 3 other heats on other weekends)  - this was an old Chevette with a Pinto engine!

Unfortunately, his clutch cable snapped halfway round. Also a superbly restored Spitfire:

A lovely,  noisy,  smokey TVR also participated and it was even lower than Zedster!

And us:

I enjoyed myself too much and flew round the course too quickly,  finishing 20 minutes before anyone else BUT there were no points for that and the wiser heads had spotted more phone boxes and answers to clues - we came equal last!

But it was a great run and Zedster is really performing well at the moment- the idle seems to have settled down to a steady 1000 rpm,  the temperature stays nice and constant and the suspension seems to be a good compromise between comfort and adequate ground clearance.

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