Saturday, 29 October 2016


Just a short post to mention a further step along the path to legitimacy - got an email through from the DVLA with my VIN number they have allocated me.

A small thing that strangely feels like a big deal.


  1. Hi Neil
    Dumb question coming up ......
    How comes you've got a VIN number now. I thought this happens at IVA time ? :/

  2. I got confused by that as well - getting the number is nothing to do with IVA. In fact, you need the VIN before IVA to stamp in the chassis.

    All you do is email the DVLA (find the right address on their website) and they allocate you a number and send it back, along with full instructions on what you need to register, apply for IVA etc.

    I believe you can actually make up your own number and I guess they check it to make sure it's unique but I couldn't see the point.

  3. Thanks for that info Neil. It's provably written down in some regulation manual somewhere that can be used as a door stop ! Lol.
    So at what stage would you recommend I apply for my VIN ?

  4. Whenever you like, you don't have to send them anything specific. I just emailed to say 'what is the process?' and the next thing I know, I've got a VIN number... :-)