Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Auxiliary battle

Brake fluid in and bled and,  touch wood,  no leaks so far since the Great Flare Fiasco.

Spent some time on the front tunnel and auxiliary panel,  drilling holes and fitting rivnuts. Once again,  I've not done a great job here - I fitted 4 rivnuts a few months ago before I had the auxiliary panel delivered. However,  once it got delivered,  I realised it needed extra holes. The result is I have drilled 11 holes in the front tunnel panel when it only needed 6! Luckily,  it's not a structural part and the extra holes will be covered by vinyl but I'm getting a bit more slapdash as the build goes on - not a good sign. 

This is with the extra bits roughly in place; main beam flash button on the right,  12V power socket, 2 USB sockets (both under rubber covers) and then a spare (not quite sure what for yet but a few options). 

This is it vinyl-covered and buttons /sockets in place:

Not too shabby,  if I do say so myself...

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