Sunday, 2 October 2016

Bleedin' 'ell

Time to sort out the brakes - bolts arrived so bolted the front calipers on:

And fitted the front flexible brake lines to the copper brake lines - all pretty straightforward.

For brake bleeding,  I bought the Eazeebleed system that others have used and it was very good,  although I'm not sure how much I needed it. I assumed it would take forever to manually pump the fluid through the system but after only a minute of pumping the pedal by hand,  fluid had got to the calipers. How did I know this? Because I kept hearing a squirt  of liquid every time I pumped and I ignored it for several pumps before it suddenly dawned on me that I may have a leak,  which I did - a large puddle of fluid on the front nearside junction of the copper and flexible brake lines. Tightened up and seemed OK.

No other obvious leaks, so on went the Eazeebleed system - nice and easy,  fluid in the bottle,  connected up to a tyre with pressure reduced to 20psi. Small plastic tube on each bleed nipple in turn,  loosen and wait a few seconds for the fluid to come through. Done in minutes although,  like  I said,  wouldn't have been much longer doing it the old fashioned way (but I guess I would have needed my sons help to make it easier, so maybe not that simple).

At first,  there didn't seem to be any leaks and then I noticed a tiny leak on the front offside join - and then all went a bit pear-shaped.  I won't bore you with the details - suffice to say I went through 4 pairs of disposable gloves,  I had to bin a rag and there are several large puddles of brake fluid dotted round the garage.

I think it's all OK now but I couldn't test it because I can't bolt the rear calipers back on as I've run out of thread lock.

One issue with that Eazeebleed system is that it leaves the fluid reservoir full to the brim and the cap on this GBS system has a large float on it which means you have to get some fluid out of the reservoir before you can put the GBS cap back on. You might be able to see how full it is even after getting some out:

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