Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Chinese fluid torture

Thread lock arrived so I was able to bolt up the rear brake calipers and test the brakes.  All seems to be fine - discs lock when pedal is pressed and release OK and the handbrake seems to work as well although I guess it will need some final adjustment later.

However, I've got an annoying,  tiny leak from the front join between copper and flexi pipe. It's literally a drop a day but I just can't fix it. Tightened and adjusted several times and finally decided to take the plunge and re-flare the pipe which is a nightmare with difficult access and slippery fluid dripping out the pipe all the time. Improved the flare but not sure if it's any better - I've left it now and will check again in the morning.

Bit more tidying up - cable-tied the throttle cable to the offside brake line,  put some corrugated conduit over the brake lines where they pass under the steering column in the footwell,  riveted the indicator relay to the firewall and went round with the paint pen to mark all the recently re-done bolts.

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