Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Broken brakes

Well,  you live and learn,  I guess.  This week,  my education involves the relevant merits of single and double flares on brake lines. Bottom line? Don't use single flares as they may not be strong enough for the pressures they will eventually have to deal with.

Guess what I did on all my brake lines? Yup,  you guessed it...

In my meagre defence,  I did those brake lines in the first couple of months of my build and most people buy the pipes ready - flared from GBS,  so no-one in their blog ever discusses them.

Fortunately, the fix isn't too bad. Through the RHOCAR forum, I borrowed a smaller,  hand-held brake pipe flare tool which turned out to be far better than mine (thanks Colin). Drained the brake fluid and managed to re-flare the front brake lines and those going into the master cylinder. Tricky but they do look much better than before.

The rear lines were much easier as I could take them out completely and redo them on my bench.

Just waiting for some more brake fluid to arrive so I can refill the system and pray the leaks are all gone.

Took 30 minutes to fit the anti-rattle  clip on the brake calipers. Hard work and scraped off quite a bit of my nice,  yellow paint. Will try touch that up.

Finally tonight,  added the wiring in for the main beam flash button that will go on the aux panel.

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