Thursday, 28 May 2015

It's getting heavy...

Almost did my back in picking up the box of my doorstep with this lot in it:

(Obviously, there's another pair as well). Rear disks and calipers, in case you're as bad at this as I am :-)

Almost £100 cheaper than the same items from GBS - result. They are proper engineering - the sort of thing I imagined you'd need when building a car. Luverly!!

Not quite sure if the calipers need to be painted (question for my forum). I'd like too but need to work out how - special paint? Primer?

Also ordered my diff from a recommended specialist not too far from me in Kent - Road and Race Transmissions. They're so small, they don't even have a website, which is rare these days. Another £140 cheaper than GBS...

Garage clearance going better than i expected - i found enough spare wood to build a small worktop (for a vice) and maybe enough for all the shelves i wanted to put up. Couple of trips to the dump needed....


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