Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Brain throb

No particular update but lots of time spent determing the best place to get the 3 major items; engine, gearbox and diff. These 3 items alone are going to cost in the region of £2k.

GBS are actually pretty competitive on price but I've found a couple of places to get them slightly cheaper. It will save me maybe £300 in total which isn't huge in the great scheme of things but worth the effort.

Although i wasn't planning on doing any refurb of parts myself, the drive shafts and steering column seem very simple to do and will save me another couple of hundred again, so i might go for that.

Still another week to go before the shed arrives and i can start prepping the garage - a tad worried that the shed won't be big enough (but i can't fit a bigger one in my small garden).

Hmm, no response from GBS about the cost to get to a rolling chassis stage...not confidence-inspiring.

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