Sunday, 3 May 2015

Day of D

Finally...the Stoneleigh kit car show.

The omens were good - on Friday, i got confirmation of my new job start so i won't be frittering away too much of the kid's inheritance. The show was good fun and the sun even made an appearance.

I saw the MNR first and it looked good but still not excited about a 100k mile 1.6 litre MX5 engine.

GKD Legend was nice - good size cockpit and a beemer engine with the inherent quality and power - but still 100k miles.

Then a bit of a shocker - the Tiger Avon was too small for me! Seemed ok in the factory. ...disaster!

So, to the GBS Zero stand - lovely car, largest cockpit and footwell (with the GT chassis) and, most importantly,  that new Zetec engine. Not as well specced as the Tiger and I'm a little concerned about the final cost but the trigger was pulled and paid my deposit for the starter kit!!

I'm officially a car manufacturer, just with a very small volume :-)

So, 8 weeks to delivery and time to start on garage clearout in earnest....this is roughly what I'm aiming for:

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