Saturday, 18 April 2015

Getting closer to D-Day

D-day being 'decision' day - 2 weeks until Stoneleigh.

I've been considering other makes (MNR, GKD) but they all rely on an old donor car and I really don't fancy getting bits from a 150k mile banger. Several build blogs I've been reading have done this and they've all had issues with corroded parts, damaged bits and worst is when this happens after the build has finished. I'd rather not have to take my car to pieces a week after having finished it. To me, a kit car is like a Lego set to build - I don't want to get a second-hand Lego set that I have to glue half the blocks together first before I can start building.

So, the Tiger is still the no. 1 option, using a 'new' Zetec engine.

Annoyingly, I still haven't started my new job, without which I can't do anything (nothing to do with the car exactly, just cannot commit to a kit without money coming in). Agent assures me my new company are waiting on a final senior manager sign-off so it should be sorted before Stoneleigh.

As I have to clear out my garage, I've been investigating garden sheds to move everything to. I haven't got a huge garden and it's going to look even more cluttered with a shed but no choice - got 4 bikes, lawnmower and numerous other bits that won't fit with the car in the garage. Again, I still can't start on buying that until the job is confirmed!

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