Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Riveting stuff

More spending - a rivet gun and a set of Clecos and pliers.

I had no idea of how to use them but YouTube proved very helpful (is there anything in the world someone hasn't video'd and put on YouTube?).

Regarding spending, I have started a spreadsheet to record everything i buy. This may stop if i get too depressed about what I'm spending but interesting so far.

Also started thinking about build order - which bits to put on when. With the help of the 2 other blogs (links on the right- thanks Richard and David), I think this will roughly be it:

Rear panel
Tunnel panels
Master cylinder
Rear wishbones
Rear suspension?
Rear brake lines

Should keep me going for a while :-)

I've decided that on my chassis collection day, to try also get all the bits needed to get to a rolling chassis stage (except maybe the wheels). This will save on postage costs and means i won't be sitting round waiting. I've emailed GBS to ask for an itemised list and price - good test to see their response time.

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