Sunday, 24 May 2015


One shed, done:

Not really big enough but i can't afford to lose any more space in my garden. Can finally start the scary task of clearing the garage - not looking forward to it. I've got so many bits and pieces stashed away in there....

Also had a couple of other deliveries; trolley jack and these:

More investigation of where to get stuff cheaper than from GBS. A lot of their stuff is actually reasonably competitive but some are, weirdly, way off. For example, Cosworth brake calipers are £240 from them but £150 elsewhere; swirl pot £100 but £30 from several eBay sellers.

The biggest shock so far is the engine itself. GBS proudly quote a Zetec 2L engine for £750. Not bad, you might think BUT that doesn't include VAT, so now £900. Then, you need a decent ECU (£700 for an Emerald, which everyone seems to use), shortened sump (£400 - can't find a reasonable alternative yet), throttle bodies (£700 or £200 for the GBS plenum - guess which i'm going for :-) ) plus other bits.

I know I have a budget and it should allow for these parts but it's shocking to see it broken down like that.

I also know i could save £1000s by buying knackered old bits and refurbing them etc but i don't think this is a good idea long-term. On various forums, I keep reading about problems people are having and a large proportion of the time it is related to old bits that were used or some bodge which saved cash at the time but is coming back to haunt them. Not for me, although i'm also going to try use cheaper (but new) alternatives where possible.

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