Sunday, 17 May 2015

Apology due

It seems GBS have been having email problems and they had replied to me but it just hadn't  sent properly. True or not, they have now got me the cost to get to rolling chassis stage.

A note about money - most of the blogs i read before starting out never mentioned money and costs. I'm not sure why but i used to find it quite frustrating so i intend to scare myself by quoting costs as i go along - hope it doesn't put anyone off.

So, it looks like getting to a rolling chassis stage will end up costing about £7.5k - sounds like a lot, I know. Now, this includes all reconditioned parts, so i could lower the cost if i did some refurbing myself and i might try. Depends on how knackered i am after getting my garage ready...

Shed to be delievered Wednesday so will hopefully put it up next weekend.

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