Sunday, 7 June 2015

Retail therapy and cobweb clearing

A little more shopping - low pressure fuel pump and this master brake cylinder (suprisingly hefty for only £40):

Spent ages looking for front brakes and uprights. I've decided to stick to GBS for these - couldn't find anyone else to do the uprights and there are lots of brake choices if i want to upgrade from the standard Sierra stuff that GBS offer  but my budget will go through the roof if i do that. Gives me the choice of doing upgrades on the car once it's finished.

Ordered some copper brake line and a pipe flaring tool for about £35. GBS do a kit of ready-flared brake lines for about £80 but i fancy doing it myself and it saves £50 or so. May regret that...we'll see.

Garage prep going well - took a load to the tip and started sealing the concrete floor. Be warned, that stuff has a very strong smell and has permeated the whole house - wife not happy.

Done one half of the garage, this is the first coat on the second half:

Once done, need to put shelves up on the left wall and replace the pokey bulb with a couple of fluorescent strips I've already bought. And yes, all that stuff on the right is staying....somewhere.

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