Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Totally surrounded

Ok, the handbrake surround didn't  go as well as the gearstick (and that's not exactly a masterpiece). So I decided to make use of that 3mm ally sheet I attempted to make a bash plate with before and just make the surround out of a flat piece.

Shape cut-out and central piece chopped out:

Lots of filing and sanding later:

I've gone with the brushed look because it signifies speed and power and... OK,  so it hides all the scratches I made. Once again,  my ability at aesthetically pleasing details is utter trash. One day,  I'll try improve this (and other) bits but,  for now it will do.

I went to Stoneleigh yesterday which was a good day out but it was slightly wasted on me - I couldn't think of anything to buy and I asked a few piffling questions of Richard on the GBS stand. Good to see some other cars although it is a bit worrying how kit cars don't last very well. Some of the older ones are looking decidedly shabby and,  realistically,  that's likely to be me in a few years. Then again,  the shabiness has a charm of its own and they do have a certain Mad-Max feel to them.

Intatrim are starting to annoy me now - no news of when my seats will be ready and yet their FB page keeps showing posts of lots of other customer work being delivered - now into the 5th week of waiting (when they promised 3).

My IVA application is on hold because they want one more picture of the finished car which I don't have,  obviously.  If the seats haven't arrived by the weekend,  I'll have to send them what I have and hope it's enough.

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