Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Target locked - engage panic stations

So, the IVA date is booked - June 19th at Yeading (west London).

About 6 weeks away...I could have booked Gillingham on June 6th but I'm not 100% sure I'll be ready. However, if I find I am, they said I could phone back and try get an earlier date.

Outstanding jobs:

1. Seats - new runners should be with me tomorrow so I can hopefully get that done on the weekend.

2. IVA trim - cover all those vicious edges that will cause a scratch on the already-mutilated body of any pedestrian I hit.

3. VIN number welded on to chassis. I've got the steel tab back from the engravers and I should be able to get this done one evening next week.

4. Steering self-centering - I hope the loosening of the steering rack has fixed this.

5. ECU setup - the biggest worry. However, some good news; I called Emerald today and they offered to remotely connect to my laptop and help with the setup! Genius (provided I can fix the problem with my laptop connecting to the ECU). Once that is done, I will take the car to a local garage to do an MOT - well, the headlights and emissions parts of the MOT (I've spoken to the garage and they are happy to do this).

Looking at that, 6 weeks is easily enough time BUT item 5 is the concern.

Getting excited...

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