Saturday, 13 May 2017

Soft and squidgy

Spent an hour putting IVA trim on the bits that need it; front hubs,  bottom of the rear panel and steering wheel:

Looks  pretty horrible and I hope it's enough.

UPDATE: Yup, it was.

Put numerous nut covers on but,  annoyingly considering I bought the covers off GBS and you'd think they know how many I'd need,  I've not got enough! More on order...

Good news is that I've got my laptop talking to my ECU and I took the excuse to go for another little drive.  Bad news is that I still don't have any self-centering going forward but I do have it in reverse - I wonder if I can persuade the IVA guy to do it that way :-). Not sure whether I should be loosening the rack even more - I loosened it by about 2 turns of the nut which felt like a lot.

IVA plate to be welded on Wednesday and I'll try arrange a remote session with Emerald sometime next week.

Seat runners here BUT the bolts I've got are too long. I ordered more,  along with nuts and washers,  so seats won't be done this weekend.

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