Sunday, 28 May 2017

Going up in the world

Well,  my wobbly seats were simply because I hadn't put a washer between nut and floor - doh!

However,  I had a much bigger problem - the seat was just too low,  so that the harness run was not straight. The IVA manual clearly states that if the harness touches the seat slot,  that becomes the mounting point for testing purposes and there is no way the plastic harness slot would be considered strong  enough for the job.

So,  I ordered some huge,  hefty steel bar to run across the width of the seat,  raising it by 50mm. Lucky I didn't pay for the lowered floor option (GBS gave it free for ordering at Stoneleigh) otherwise I would have wasted that money!

So,  bars cut and holes drilled:

(note I ordered the wrong bolts - they need to be fully threaded so I can put bolts up inside the tube. While I wait for the right bolts,  this was just to confirm it did the job).

Seatbelts runs much better now - before:

.... and after :

After the seats are done,  the only thing left is a rubber cover to go over the exhaust clamp spring and that will be that! Feels weird to write last 2 years have been spent agonising over something I need to do on the car and now... Nothing.

Hoping to get online with Emerald a week on Tuesday (half term this week,  got to do family stuff) to try improve the engine map,  then book a session at a garage with the gas analyser (and to setup the headlights,  I guess).

Only 3 weeks to IVA...!

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