Sunday, 7 May 2017

Never say never

Being so close to the end of my build,  I keep saying 'that's the last time I'll use that tool' and almost every time,  I've had to use it again.

The latest was my hacksaw - I used it for my handbrake surround and put it away thinking I wouldn't be using it again but I come to fit the surround and I realise it's had to move 3mm because of the tiny little screws on the side of the handbrake switch and now it doesn't fit! So,  a couple of hours doing a new one...

Luckily, the glue on the gearstick gaiter cleaned off with white spirit and with the two surrounds and gaiters on,  from a distance,  they look ok:

I cut too much off the handbrake gaiter so it isn't held in  with anything - if I get time,  I'll buy a new one.

Worryingly, I can't connect my laptop to the ECU,  even with the new USB connector, and I've tried a second PC which also doesn't work. I'm not sure what's going on there...

I'm told the self-centering might be fixed by loosening the bolts on the U-clamp that holds the steering rack on (I do have a habit of over-tightening). I've done that and will see if it helps on my next outing.

As promised,  a better pic of my seats:

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