Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Hard and sparky

Finally got my VIN plate welded in - many thanks Bob! Turns out that years ago,  we both worked at the same company on the same computer system,  although our time didn't overlap - small world!

As Bob himself admitted,  it's not the neatest job but considering the tight space he had to work in,  it's fine. I'm just in the process of painting the bare metal and I'm going to try make the digits clearer with red paint - the engraving isn't very deep.

Started on the passenger seat,  fitting the runners:

And, amazingly, fitting through the floor went really easily. I stuck some paper down and placed the seats in the right place,  pressing down to make holes in the paper. Removed the seat and just drilled through the holes in the paper. With my drilling history,  I expected to need to spend hours filing the holes to get the seat to fit but no,  put the seat back in and it dropped straight in! Miraculous!

However,  after tightening the bolts, the seat is a bit wobbly.  This must be because,  effectively,  the runners are sitting on the 4 nuts and are not flush to the floor but I don't know how else to do it. I'll have to think about it...

Tightened the seatbelt bolts with threadlock and fitted covers for the deadly sharp edges:

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  1. I just re-did my seat bolts, due to wear on the outside, but changed the mounting slightly - half nuts and solid 50mm square plate washers on the inside - works better than the upside down nylocs in my opinion - or at least an option for you?