Sunday, 10 April 2016

The pipes are a calling

I've been waiting all week for a couple of pipes to finish off the cooling system but they haven't arrived - a weird failure of the courier system.

Desperate to get my fix of garage time,  I did some odds and ends; completed the TPS plug:

... and the coolant sensors:

I'll probably tidy up those wires later on.

I realised there were a couple of pipes that could be tidied up - I've trimmed the silicon on the cold bypass that will be underneath the hot exhaust manifold,  so that only the ally pipe will be directly underneath,  just in case there is an issue with melting silicone.

I put the firewall loosely in place to locate the header tank and realised I could finish off the pipe from there to the lower T-joint (sorry,  forget to get any pics -  next time). Only thing missing are the 6 jubilee clips I need - need to buy them.  Hopefully I can get them from Homebase and not rely on a delivery...

Scarily,  I'm not too far from an attempt at an engine start.... assuming I can do that without gauges wired up?


  1. Hi - Ignore if you already thought of this - the dash water temp sensor needs the ground from the fitting to work - i.e. single wire back through the loom and the body grounded to the engine/chassis. Your gold adaptor will be isolated by the silicone tubes - looks like it has a screw for the ground point though.

    1. Yup, I know... I'm planning on just running a short wire up to that bolt on the heat shield you can see in the picture...