Saturday, 23 April 2016

The loud pedal

Next up were holes in the firewall for the battery cables. The wiper motor arrived and I sited and drilled holes for it in the firewall. That will now wait until after IVA to be fitted.

With that sorted,  I could decide where to put holes for the battery cables. The grommets that come with the cables are pretty huge so the holes had to be as well,  much larger than any drill I have. So out came the hole cutter set I bought a while back. This was supposed to be for the dashboard but I thought I could try it here as well. Worked OK for the first hole but it's not a high quality kit and the second hole didn't work well - ended up having to use my largest drill and then a file to extend the hole. Had to use a smaller grommet for the second hole as I couldn't be bothered to spend an hour filing and the first hole was too large for the grommet,  so I had to order one larger one. Weirdly,  even though it said it was coming from China,  it arrived the next day! Anyway,  2 holes finally made...

Good news on the dash instruments wiring - GBS have found a 20-pin flying loom and will make me a 18-pin one for about £50. Not bad,  considering just the plugs I ordered cost £25 and this way saves me having to crimp 76 pins! I'll have to try get a refund on the plugs...

Next up was the throttle cable and the accelerator pedal. The cable needed a bit of modification at the body end,  from this:

... to this:

Basically needed 2 cm or so hacking off the 2 pieces,  to allow full travel when the cable is pulled.

Tried to make a start on the accelerator pedal but I seem to have mislaid the bolt I need. Either I've lost it or I used it somewhere else - I'll have to go and get one tomorrow. I had previously trimmed some width of the pedal but looks like I need to do more.

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