Monday, 18 April 2016

Great news! A screw-up...

A minor screw-up; the silicon pipe to the bottom of the header tank is 2cm too short,  meaning that it won't quite reach the header tank when it's bolted to the firewall. Luckily,  metal crafting genius (me,  in case that's not obvious) to the rescue... I love doing these things.

Art and hacksaw skills to the fore:


... And then some panel-beating/bending:

Attached to the header tank:

And then riveted to the firewall:

... along with the remote brake fluid reservoir. I've riveted and bonded the battery tray in place so the whole lot looks like this:

The wiper motor should be delivered tomorrow and that goes on the other side of the firewall and will determine the battery position (more precisely,  where the battery cables can come through the firewall).

I also,  scarily,  started work on my fibreglass dash. Having never touched fibreglass in my life before,  I decided to do the small holes on the edge that will match up with the rivnuts in the scuttle inner panel. Trickier than I expected - eventually used a ratchet strap to hold the scuttle in place,  put the dash on and drilled pilot holes through the rivnuts from the rear. I then took off the dash and did the holes with a 6mm drill. The best result was when drilling at a slow speed and the holes are pretty neat but whether they're right is yet to be seen.

Started thinking about the wiring loom for the instruments - I'm doing my own instrument loom as well. The plugs on the GBS main loom are  something specialised which I can't find on the Internet to buy (!) and GBS don't have them to sell (they don't make the looms in house). So,  I'm going to chop them off and use standard plugs,  which are on order.

PS: a minor milestone; this is my 100th post!! As I tend to post after every garage session and my sessions average 2 hours,  this gives a rough idea of how many hours my build has and will take.  Allowing for the fact the first 20 or so posts were pre-build, I've roughly spent 160 hours on my build so far.

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