Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dashing ahead

Sneaked another hour or so in the garage and continued with the dash. Before I decide where the gauges go,  I need to clarify where the steering wheel goes and cutout the dash for the steering column to fit.

Loosely fitted the firewall,  scuttle and dash and marked up where the steering column comes through. Not sure of the best way of cutting fibreglass but reading online, it seems to be a mix of saw and sanding drum on a Dremel as the easiest combination,  so that's how I started:

Another technique is to drill lots of small holes close together and then saw through them,  which worked well. But the sand drum in my drill was the best - on a slow speed,  it is very precise and quick,  although messy. After a few sand-fit-sand repetitions,  I had a pretty decent result:

It doesn't even have to look great as it will be covered by a shroud eventually.

That steering boss is only loosely on as I can't quite work out how it fits (posted question on GBS forum).

Months ago,  I ordered a special shroud that GBS offer as I didn't have an old Sierra one. However,  as I'm not using column stalks any more,  that shroud is no good to me (and anyway, I can't see how it would fit with that boss which I also got from GBS). So,  I'm going to make my own - shouldn't be too tricky,  I hope.

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