Tuesday, 12 April 2016


28? Days in February in a leap year? 66.6% of the Meaning of Life?

Nope... the number of jubilee clips I've used on my cooling system! That's 28 possible leakage points... I may live to regret this 'cost-saving' process.

Anyway,  depending on your outlook,  it is almost a work of art or an utter pigs ear of a job - you decide:


If it works,  it's genius... the eagle-eyed may spot one missing clip (JNIT) and I haven't done the header tank yet.

Ah,  just remembered I've forgotten the last small pipe from the top of the thermostat to the top of the header tank,  so that will be 2 more clips!

For reference,  this is the setup I have,  with the exception of the small green pipe from the top of the radiator :

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