Friday, 15 April 2016


I decided to be sensible and get all the gauges done before contemplating starting the engine. With that in mind,  I created a plan for the next few steps - the first aim is to get the firewall and all the associated parts that fit on it,  done.

So tonight was a few tidying up jobs before that; first was the starter motor wiring. The wire on the GBS loom for the starter solenoid,  for some strange reason, has a spade terminal on it,  despite the GBS-sourced starter needing a ring terminal. So quick change to crimp on a ring terminal and solenoid wire connected. Also tightened the main power cables on the main starter motor.

For the firewall to go on,  the battery tray has to go on. But for the battery tray to go on,  I needed to finalise the wiring underneath,  as the tray is going to be riveted on (although having second thoughts on that now - maybe rivnuts?). So,  out came the cable ties:

Quite neat,  I think. Drilled some holes in the firewall for the fuse box and spent the usual 15 minutes scraping panel protector off the battery tray.

Thought I'd done more than that but obviously not - time flies...

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