Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sparky rides again

To go along with my craftsman badge,  I'm now an electrical genius,  as my home-made engine loom goes in. OK,  it might not actually work but that's just detail...

The Y-shaped junction is the ECU/fusebox end of the item in question - this is roughly where it will go in the car:

Difficult to really show anything but the long, thin, black case holds the injector plugs:

... and underneath are the plugs for alternator,  air temp sensor and oil pressure sensors. I haven't put the TPS plug on yet but that won't take long. I've not tidied up the routing of the loom as I'm not sure of the best way to do that - it can wait until later.

I've spent some time trimming bits off the firewall and pedal box to ensure,  hopefully,  that it fits well with the scuttle,  including drilling some holes in the side of the pedal box for the brake fluid pipes to run to the master cylinder:

I'm making my last attempt to using the Ford thermostat - I've ordered a 3/8 BSP tap which is what Emerald says their adaptor size is.

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