Saturday, 26 March 2016


A little more progress on the cooling system:

As is often the case,  I've been halted by a lack of parts - I need a few more pipe bits which are on order. I'm going to end up with quite a mass of pipes under the exhaust manifold and a heck of a lot of jubilee clips to get all the angles. It's actually quite fun trying to route it all but it's not going to look as simple as the GBS water rail - I can live with that.

I forgot to say that I've fitted the radiator and fan (6 months ago,  that would have been a momentous task for me,  now I almost forgot to mention it). Previous blogs seemed to talk about having to bend brackets but maybe GBS have changed the chassis because it was pretty straightforward for me:

I also fitted the dipstick,  in case it affected the route of the piping (it doesn't).

As I've got the thermostat and the other temp sensor in place,   I started finalising that end of the engine loom. Got stuck with working out which pins are which on the coil pack (and the TPS) - put a post up on the GBS forum to ask.

While I'm summing up,  did I mention that the dashboard had a small crack in it when it arrived in the post? Thankfully,  GBS will replace it so this one goes back in the post next week.

On holiday next week,  so no more updates until then...

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