Monday, 14 March 2016

Hercules done ok

Off-side suspension mostly on and tightened up,  with IVA covers on:

Finally unboxed the front discs and started putting some black Hammerite on the boss and edges,  as I did for the rear (I hate the rusty look that discs get) :

Looking less and less likely that I'll be able to use the original Ford thermostat. I spoke to Emerald today to try work out what size the adaptor is for the temp sensor - they weren't sure but did say it wasn't metric which rather ruins my theory and is a waste of about £20 of M16 taps I've been buying!

The guy suggested I make my own adaptor and when I said how,  he asked if I had a lathe! When I laughed,  he asked if I had a friend who had one which made me laugh even harder.  Says so much about his world and mine :-) Most of my friends don't even have a screwdriver!


  1. well I thought i'd drop in and check on progress of the beast! mmm, not sure what i'm looking at here, don't really see any wheels or um, body to speak of. guess it'll be ready soon .. :)

    1. :-) Looks like one of your cars after you've owned them for a few years! Not really enough space to put the wheels on yet and easier to work on the car without them in the way. Not much bodywork either but it also doesn't go on until nearer the end. It will magically come together - keep watching....