Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Blue worms

Finally,  I got to use those pretty blue silicon pipes I ordered weeks ago.

First off,  loosely attach the thermostat to the engine and the special adaptor piece for the second temp sensor to fit into (this one is for the dash gauge and so location isn't as critical as the other one,  which is for the ECU). Apologies for the colour of this adaptor - the picture on the website was in blue but the colours were size dependent and,  obviously,  I didn't notice that:

Several weeks ago,  I drew up a plan for how the cooling system pipes fit - hopefully,  this is correct:

Obviously,  not finished - I need:

1. Main 32mm pipe to go in from thermostat to top radiator pipe (I may need to buy another bit of silicon for that).
2. 22mm pipe from lower thermostat pipe to the T-junction before the water pump (cold bypass?).
3. 22mm pipe from bottom of header tank to T-junction near bottom radiator pipe.
4. Small (8mm?) pipe from top of thermostat to top of header tank.

I would post a scanned image of my cooling system design but it's not pretty and unlikely to be helpful to anyone else.


  1. Looks good
    FYI - exhaust manifold is tight to that diagonal chassis member, but reasonable space anywhere underneath for plumbing, the only things on the stock car in-front of the passenger footwell are the screen wash tank and coolant overflow.

    1. Thanks Richard - it is going to be a mass of pipes under there, with lots of Jubilee clips and potential for leaks. Maybe I shouldn't have been such a tightwad and just bought the water rail :-)

  2. Trust me, you don't want the water rail kits - they never work as well as they look!