Monday, 7 March 2016

Can you guess what it is yet?

The next steps are the scuttle and firewall but it's proving tricky as there are so many bits that are dependent on these parts.

Because I couldn't find a Sierra brake fluid reservoir that would sit on the master brake cylinder,  I've had to get the GBS remote reservoir which has to bolt to the firewall.

If I don't use the GBS water rail,  I also need the coolant header tank on the firewall, then the main fuse board on the other side,  allowing space for the wiper motor and the ECU. Oh yeah,  and I'd ideally like to leave space for a heater.

So it's going to be busy...

I've nicked an idea from Richard L -  it starts like this:

... shape cut out:

... bit of folding :

... hole cut out (badly) :

... and (drum roll)  we have:


... an ECU holder - good,  huh? A bit of panel beating later and the edge is shaped round the chassis tube:

I'll bond that end eventually. An enjoyable couple of hours making 'stuff'...

Update: sadly,  this cool piece of work is not being used as I decided not to fit a heater so I didn't need to leave space on the firewall and thus the ECU could go there instead

Maybe an art gallery wants it? Or not.... 

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