Saturday, 19 November 2016

The indications are good

I've been waiting for a few weeks to do the front indicators because I've had to wait for little niggly bits to be delivered; large washers,  threaded  tubes and rubber gaiters.

First step was to drill a small hole in the metal extenders to match the little lug on the indicator body. I then marked up the nose cone and drilled a 10mm hole, 400mm from the ground (350mm is the minimum for IVA) and 80mm in from the front edge.

Annoyingly,  I had to cut off the perfectly good spade terminals as they wouldn't fit through the threaded tube. If anyone needs it,  this is the combination of nuts and washers I used:

The gaiters are just bog standard,  generic driveshaft gaiters for a FWD car - trimmed off one end and they fit perfectly.

I used large washers to try spread the load as much as possible on the GRP of the nose (one on either side) :

Look as good as they can and feel reasonably sturdy:

Replaced the hub pinch bolts with longer versions and a nylock:

Finally,  knocked up some basic ramps to get the car out the garage:

Pretty rubbish but hopefully they'll do for a while.  Long-term,  I'd like to build a concrete ramp.

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