Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A bit of bounce

After the euphoria of my last entry,  it's been a quiet week.

I tried to make a start on the reversing light but,  as so often happens,  I haven't got the right length bolts - they're on order.

I did manage to get the Emerald software to talk to my ECU by installing it on my work laptop but I gassed the house out by running the engine for a minute in the garage,  so that will have to wait until I roll her out the garage next time. However,  I need to sort out some proper ramps for the garage - the lip is just too high.

I also went round all the bolts on the rear suspension,  loosening them a little to try get some movement. One in particular was very tight and took a lot of effort to loosen but I do now have some movement,  thankfully.

I had,  to my eyes,  too much negative camber on my front wheels. GBS confirmed that I should really have set the distance on the top rose joint to 50mm instead of 48mm that everyone else seems to mention in other blogs. Doesn't sound like much but after I'd partly dismantled the front suspension and wound the rose joint out a couple of turns on each side,  negative camber was down to about 2deg, which I believe is about right.  Definitely looks better...

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