Thursday, 17 November 2016

Fog on the Mole

I realised I hadn't actually checked my newly installed fog light worked,  so battery connected up and... nothing! Spent 20 minutes panicking before I realised I hadn't connected the switch to the loom! All working fine and so is my main beam flash button,  which I'm very proud of - means I'm getting the hang of the electrics.

However,  the handbrake warning light isn't working.  There is no power to the handbrake switch and I'm sure one of the wires should have a positive voltage - I'll have to check with GBS.

Dashboard off to try tidy up the loom. I could only find space for one big P-clip on the firewall and managed to re-use a hole in the firewall to fit a cable tie holder - those 2 hold the bulk of the loom in the centre. I just used cable ties to hold the rest in various strategic places - hope that's OK for IVA?

I wanted to replace the hub pinch bolts for longer versions so I could get a nylocs on the end. Some people say this is now required for IVA but I can't see anything in the manual and at least 1 person got through IVA without it but for the sake of a few quid,  no harm. No harm,  as long as you order the right bloody bolts! Ordered half-shanked versions but there is too much shank and it gets stuck in the threaded part of the hub. New,  fully threaded bolts on order...

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