Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The good, the bad and the blue

The Good: my reversing light works. This might not sound like much but some people have found the reversing switch on the gearbox doesn't work. I couldn't test it while the gearbox was out the car because I couldn't the gear lever into reverse without the clutch pedal. If it hadn't worked,  gawd knows what I would have done because that switch is not easily accessible. So BIG relief...

The Bad: the handbrake light doesn't work. Might just be a fuse... needs more investigation.

The Blue: I wanted to use washers on the bolts holding the dashboard in because I'd had to widen the holes and so I needed to hide the gaps and also it's GRP so needs to have the load spread. But normal ally washers would just look a bit too industrial so I tried to find some blue ones,  to vaguely match the dash. I couldn't find blue bolts and washers but I did find these:

Supposed to be bling for engine bays but I quite like them:


  1. You could always try blueing some stainless ones - my exhaust went through various hues as it heated/aged - including a very nice blue at one stage.
    Blowtorch and stainless washers might? get you a result?

  2. Not sure I'd trust myself with a blowtorch :-)