Saturday, 12 November 2016

Does my bum look big in these?

Short session to get the reversing and fog lights fitted. The fog light has to be perpendicular to the road and even though the reversing light doesn't,  it would look a bit odd to not do it the same.

So I started on the reversing light as practice because it wouldn't matter if I screwed it up. I decided to trim a triangular chunk out of the bottom of the light unit and then use the IVA trim on the top edge,  like this:

Seems to work ok - I used some of the smaller trim to tidy up the rest of the body unit:

Sadly,  I tried to do the same on the fog light but didn't do as good a job,  shaving off too much off the bottom of the unit,  meaning I had some extra work to do. Looks OK although neither of these feel hugely solid and they are butt-ugly :

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