Saturday, 2 July 2016

Look into my eyes

Another milestone of sorts - I have more empty boxes than full ones in my garage. Can you see the obvious difference?

Yup,  she has eyes!

I was dreading doing these as other blogs seemed to have struggled with bolts and wires etc.  but I found it pretty straightforward (famous last words). The lamp units have the 3 main wires already in place for the main bulb,  so I just had to thread 2 extra wires through the central bolt for the side light and attach a spade terminal on each one.

I've crimped flat spade terminals (terminology?) on the ends of these wires but I've not yet fitted them into the plastic plug because I want to test all the wiring works first.

The speedo cable arrived from GBS (great service - they chased the supplier of the dials and got it delivered to me in 3 or 4 days) and I have mostly finished the dash,  except for the last couple of connections to the wiper switch because I ran out of bullet connectors.

Chaos,  hey? I've used loom tape to tidy up some of the wires and once I've tested it all works,  I'll do the rest. When I have tested it works,  I'll add a page showing the full schematic for your perusal.

I've also made up a couple of wires for the rear light clusters,  again with spade terminals loosely attached to the loom so I can test it works. I need to do the same for the fog and reverse light.

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