Sunday, 17 July 2016

Light at the end of the car

Spent all week mucking about with wiring. First problem was my main beam rocker switch which just didn't seem to work. I called CBS and they happily sent me another FOC,  which was good of them. This one seemed better and the lights worked on the ACC ignition position but stopped working on the main ignition position.  Simon at GBS has suggested I may have wired the headlights up wrong and very possible - the actual wiring colours from the headlamp unit didn't match the wiring schedule from GBS  so I had just guessed what they were. As they actually came on,  I then assumed I had the wiring right and thought no more of it. But need to go back to them...

I'm going to try replace my cruddy rocker switches with some quality Carling items. Difficulty is getting hold of them - only a couple of suppliers and they don't have the full range on their websites - I'll have to call them.

The Carling switches are larger but should just fit on the dash wing.


  1. Have you tried farnells?

    Good if you already know the product you want... might sting you on postage though.

    1. Exactly as you say - got through to a sales person who has no understanding of what they sell and couldn't help unless I knew part numbers (same for a couple of other companies). I've mailed the UK HQ of Carling - see if they reply...