Friday, 8 July 2016

Sparks are flying

Well,  finally got the bullet connectors delivered and finished off the last few connections. I was desperately excited to try it out,  so I vaguely put the dash in place:

Plugged the loom in and attached the battery - no fires started so good start.

First test - the hazard switch which should work with the ignition off. Nervously,  button pressed.... and....


OK,  one switch but actually seeing lights flashing was bloody AWESOME! I squealed like a pig and did a jig down the driveway...

Sadly,  mixed results from then on. Turning the ignition on,  the wiper rocker switch illuminated. The side light worked and the dials illuminated at the same time (good) but couldn't get dip beam to come on (bad) and main beam came on but in the wrong switch position.

In summary:

Indicators - good.
Hazards -  good.
Side lights - good.
Dial illumination -  good.
Dipped beam - BAD.
Main beam -  BAD.
Fog light - BAD.
Horn -  good.
Speedo - good (well,  swept round and odometer on)
Revs - BAD (needle tried to move but seemed to be going in reverse direction).
Voltmeter dial -  good (other dials not testable).

A note to others - these cheap rocker switches are rubbish (but I'm stuck with them now). The little metal legs which should help keep them in place are pathetically weak and a couple have already snapped off,  which means I'll probably have to glue them in. And not sure if it's my  spade terminals but they don't all fit tightly onto the side terminals (for the illumination) so I will have to solder those at some point.

I think the main problem is my main beam rocker switch as it is the only one not described in the CBS catalogue so I had to go by a telephone conversation with CBS about what each pin does. I'll have to call them again...

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