Thursday, 21 July 2016

Happy Anniversary

A short post to reflect on one year since I started my build (well, Monday actually but I missed it).

Reading some of my earlier posts, it amazes me how much I've learned in the last year. I don't want to sound all tree-hugger and new-Age freak-like but doing something as fundamental and as complex as building a motor vehicle changes the way you act towards so many other things; I am much happier to move out of my comfort zone, with more confidence to attempt tasks I wouldn't normally.

I recently replaced a leaking ball cock in a loft water tank,  for example. For a cost of £7, I fixed something that probably would have cost me £100 if I'd called a plumber out. Small things but significant...

So,  I was hoping to finish by the end of this year but that's looking unlikely with the delays caused by the extra work for the electrics (engine loom and dash). Not the end of the world but I'm now targeting the Stoneleigh show next year as a completion date - I want to drive there in my own car.

Happy Anniversary to me - onwards...

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