Sunday, 14 August 2016

From the ashes of despair

Well,  the electrical issue has been driving me round the bend. Simon from GBS has been trying to help but it takes so long - he suggests something,  I take a day or 2 to try it,  doesn't work and it takes a day or 2 for him to get time to look and suggest something else - tortoise- like progress.

A 2 week holiday didn't help initially but then a last ditch attempt at a fix; the GBS loom is supposed to be provided as a live switched loom and I checked it and confirmed that was what I had,  according to the wire colours in the fuse box. Simon suggested switching the polarity (a simple spade terminal to be swapped) just on the off chance and would you Adam and Eve it but it worked!!

Cue more pig-like squealing and much flashing of lights,  just because they worked and I could. What I'm most happy about is that my original wiring schematic was right and would have worked first time (see the 'Electrics' page).

I was planning on tidying up the wiring behind the dash but I'm going to try change the rocker switches first,  in case that affects the wiring layout slightly.

Next is to order and fit the exhaust system,  connect up the ECU and go for an engine start!

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