Saturday, 20 August 2016


The exhaust arrived mid-week but I had forgotten about the gasket so that only arrived today:

(I do have the can as well :-) ) 

All excited,  I tried to fit the manifold but came across the usual problem - bolts! I planned to use the original manifold bolts that came off the engine but they seem to be mm too long - I have to order some:

Minor job was to tidy up the headlamp wiring,  covering with loom tape and then rubber conduit:

I also made the hole in the top tunnel panel for the gear lever and decided to experiment with using the vinyl covering. I started with the small,  rear tunnel piece as it is much less visible. Lucky I did because,  suffice to say,  I'm never going to have a career as an upholsterer:

Looks OK from a distance but will have to do better with the main piece. By the way,  the vinyl is supposed to look mottled - fake alacantra/leather look.

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