Saturday, 27 August 2016


The correct bolts arrived so I was able to tighten up the manifold - next the silencer.

I cut two 10mm slots in the silencer end, opposite each other,  to get it to fit over the manifold end. Judicial use of a rubber mallet and my 42mm socket (don't ask) helped spread that end of the silencer to allow it to slip over the manifold end.

Then,  a minor panic - the exhaust end didn't get anywhere near the support bracket - about an inch to the right and too high as well. I could pull the can out the required inch but there was no way to push the end down more than a mm or so.

A thread on the GBS forum panicked me more when Simon started suggesting I might have fitted the engine too high!! Visions of having to take the engine out spurred me on to look at it again and,  thankfully,  I discovered  the problem.

I had angled the silencer pipe down 45deg, thinking to direct fumes away from my passengers. However,  simply rotating the silencer so that the exit pipe was horizontal lowered the end of the can perfectly. I had to still pull the whole thing out an inch but I think that will be OK.

So, with today being one of the hottest of the year (about 30degC in my garage) and me dripping with sweat,  I am both literally and metaphorically exhausted:



Also,  a bit of bling:


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