Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Apocalypse in progress

Well,  the world has gone to crap in a bucket in the last week,  what with the EU referendum and the England football team losing in  horrendous style in Euro 2016. The former disaster means our house move is looking unlikely (we've had 1 viewing in the last week) - I've been too hacked off to do much on the car.

Finally dragged myself out of the doldrums to do some odds and ends. Just to add to my woes,  a small,  pink puddle of coolant had appeared under the car. Turned out to be a Jubilee clip that had given up on life,  I think because I over-tightened it at some point. Replaced it,  making sure I didn't go nuts when tightening.

Fitted the horn and front chassis earth:

I added several support structures for the coolant pipes which basically consist of jubilee clip brackets and cable ties.  May sound basic but the pipes all feel nice and secure now.

Somehow,  I ordered one warning light wrong and I didn't notice when fitting it - Doh! So waiting for that to arrive... also,  the speedo I ordered months ago is missing it's wires. GBS are trying to get that for me from the original supplier. These 2 issues are preventing me finishing the dash wiring - I've done most of it.

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